Self help for parents with children who have an Eating Disorder
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As 3 parents of children either suffering or recovering from anorexia, we understand the nightmare of trying to help, support and care for our youngsters.

We want to offer our expertise, knowledge and experience to other parents who want to  talk to someone who knows what you are going through. We have had great input from the professionals and acknowledge their expertise, but as parents we have actual experience of living for days, weeks, months and years on end with youngsters with Eating Disorders.  We know what little support there is for parents out there as over the years we have all struggled to find help ourselves.

That’s the purpose of this site – to help you get in contact with someone who knows what you are going through. We are only parents – not professionals, so can only offer our experience, not advice.  

So, whether you are desperate to talk to someone to know that you are not alone or you have experience as a parent yourself, then please register with us.

We are looking to get as many parents connected as possible. We are working in tandem with health professionals who support this activity - we do not intend to replace anything that our excellent professional community can offer, but to supplement with support for parents themselves.

Over time we also aim to campaign for better awareness of this mental illness so that more young sufferers benefit from earlier intervention. This can only happen by educating everyone from parents, schools, doctors, youth organisations to spot the signs of am eating disorder early on, and to provide the right guidance and support.

Please help us by registering here.


Register Here click the button and it will take you to Mail Chimp our email provider who will keep your data safe and will not be given to anyone else and used only to contact you regarding meetings and help sessions